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In Loving Memory of Tommy Colaneri
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we cover more sky on one jump
than any other freefly team in the world


Team Badfish is a product of having too much time on our hands during the off-season. It all started with 3 guys who figured, as long as we are always jumping together, why not have a little fun with it and start a team? So that’s what we did! Our goal is simply to promote freeflying in a fun, non-serious manner mostly for our own amusement. Now, with the help of Pete Draper of Sid’s Rigging, we have our very own website to do just that!
The team was originally formed with the intention of competing in freeflying, but with the loss of Tommy last year we will not be pushing for that as strongly. We instead will be a team that is dedicated to spreading the love in our sport and doing what we can to help others along the way. The more friends we can make, the better! And if we can make someone smile or have a positive effect on them, then our job is done.
It’s all about the fun for us and we do our best to make freeflying fun for others as well! So have a look around the site and enjoy! We will press on towards our goal – To take over the world! And continue to build the legend that is Badfish……

“The Spinal Tap of Freefly”